Monday, July 24, 2006

A welcome note

Well, every blog has the beginning. So here we start...

Taking the job of the CFO of one mid-sized firm (that employs 550 workers), I've noticed that current OS-es and programs really don't fit into my work process as they should. I use Windows XP on my job, but I also have Ubuntu Linux at home, and I am not fully satisfied with either of them.

Problem is just one piece of equation, resolving is another. My inspiration came from Ben Goodger, a man that is leading Firefox developer. I was a bit stunned with his blog post. I don't fully agree with Ben, actually, I only agree with the thing that there is a problem, but it made me think more about how much our software is obsolete, and how it should be. Other than that, I am surely inspired with Firefox development, which I followed almost from the beginning, but as I take approach from "blank paper", without burden of current features, I may also disagree with some current browser concepts (including those in Firefox). Talking about browsers, I won't downplay Internet Explorer 6, not because it doesn't deserve so, but because it should be more than obvious.

Some things I am proposing would probably be fairly easy to implement, as they are more like add-on to current system, but the others would require deeper architectural changes. As I am not a programmer (unless someone my knowledge of Visual Basic for Application, SQL and HTML/CSS doesn't takes for programming) I won't bother too much with this - I am taking more of managerial approach, defining what your computer should do.

You should take my first sentence literally - many things that I am writing about are more likely to apply to business use than typical home use. I mean, if your computer is just gaming computer, then OS function is just to help you start one of the installed games. And how can one make innovative interface there?



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