Friday, December 03, 2010

How Nokia sells phones?

Well, even with all bad reviews, Nokia is still company that sells most phones.

Obviously, the answer is that there are many different consumers. And not only staff that reviews phones buy them - many folks do and they might have different needs.

Some people want cheap phones - it could be because they can't afford better. But also, it could be because you don't want to carry 500 € device with yourself - possibly because you may lose it, drop and damage it, or in the worst case it might even attract someone to steal it and possibly even attack you.

But it is not really just that. If people pay more money, they want the thing that just works. Well, at least most of them, some geeks might want the thing that can be tweaked most. And Nokia performs pretty well here:
  • GPS - well OVI maps are free for Nokia phones, and they are probably best mobile maps
  • Camera - Nokia was performing well here, and Nokia N8 is just to claim the best mobile camera
  • Phone quality - as a traditional mobile phone company Nokia was always on top here
So, many people want just this, and if Nokia does it very well, and is price competitive (except in US where it has poor relations with carriers), then it is logical that many people buy even Nokia top models that seem to have no chance to compete with Android phones or iPhones according to reviews.

Yes, I know that Nokia is less fun to use (with poor touch interface), and lags in applications... but how many people really care? General user pattern should be that your phone is your backup portable device - you use it if you don't have anything else. Yes, there are mobile games... But why would you use it if you have Playstation or Xbox or PC at your hands?

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